CC4ES Programs, Initiatives & On-Ground Cohorts in Practice

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PRACTICE includes Rhody Grows Hope, Rhody Greeneers – E-STEAM PBL, Y4US and SAS Living, and Museum of Silenced Histories.

Rhody Grows Hope

Cultivating regenerative sustainability with one garden at a time

Rhody Grows Hope (RGH) is a container gardening program that repurposes various types of recyclables for food justice. RGH, in tandem with its companion program Rhody Greeneers, tackles food insecurity while reducing environmental waste to improve environmental health for the whole community's well-being.

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Youths for Urban Sustainability

Pipelining for Green jobs

Youths for Urban Sustainability (Y4US) is a youth core job training program for youths of 14 -24 years old. Its focus on growing one's own food and environmental stewardship directly engages community youths to tackle the persistent food and job insecurities and environmental pollution in the urban communities.

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Museum of Silenced Histories

Rebuilding relationships with the land to heal and for regenerative sustainability

The Museum of Silenced Histories offers a space for minority, underrepresented, and marginalized members of society to share their stories and have their voices heard.

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