CC4ES Programs, Initiatives & On-Ground Cohorts in Practice


PRACTICE features CC4ES programs, initatives and on-ground cohorts for practical application. This platform serves as a place to interact, share and support, fostering the common causes we all share and align with CC4ES mission.

Rhody Grows Hope

rhody grows hope logo

Cultivating regenerative sustainability with one garden at a time

Rhody Grows Hope (RGH) is a container gardening project that inspires growing own food for food security, sovereignty, and justice.

Museum of Silenced Histories & Garden of Regeneration

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Rebuilding relationships with the land to heal and for regenerative sustainability

The Museum of Silenced Histories & Garden of Regeneration offer a space for minority, underrepresented, and marginalized members of society to share their stories and have their voices heard.

Hope Gardeners

Hands in circule

Gardens are the hope we can see.

CC4ES Hope Gardeners convenes school and community gardeners of any shape and size to share resources and support. Gardening promotes environmental stewardship that improves environmental health for the whole community.

Urban Youth for Sustainability

UYS logo

Pipelining for Green jobs

Urban Youth for Sustainability (UYS) is a youth core job training program for urban youths of 14 -24 years old. Its focus on growing own food and environmental stewardship directly engages community youths to tackle the persistent food and job insecurities and environmental pollutions in the urban communities.

Trees for Sustainability

Tree canopy

Trees are the Lungs of Our Planet.

Unfortunately, not all of us get to have trees around us. Trees for Environmental Justice is a platform for raising awareness of Tree Canopy Inequity prevalent in frontline communities, and for tree lovers (or huggers) to share their appreciation of trees, and learn about why trees are cool and important to environmental health and our well-being.

CC4ES Conversation Circles

Plants by the windows

All Problems Exist in the Absence of Good Conversation.

CC4ES Conversation Circles is a blog forum for good conversatsions on various sustainability topics, and tips for sustainable lifestyle on composting, gardening, DIY home-made cleaners,and more. Most of all, this forum is to convene all of us who would like to take actions, no matter how small they may be, for making a more sustainable world. This forum also features comments and good reads to keep us informed.

Relevant modules:

Environmental Literacy Fundamentals, Regenerative Technologies

CC4ES Direct

CC4ES Direct Truck with urban garden

Direct Grassroots Resource Connector for Communities in Need

CC4ES Direct is CC4ES' community mobilizing model used for realizing its outcomes at the community grassroots level. It is designed to link communities in need with essential resource in oroder tackle food and job insecurities and environmental issues pervasive in frontline communities. In the long term, it will transition to a kiosk on the wheels in a food-truck like vehicle serving the same purpose.

Relevant modules:

Environmental Literacy Fundamentals, Regenerative Technologies