Coalition Center for

Linking Communities for Resilient Sustainability

A Web-Based Center That Cultivates
Sustainable Lifestyle In All Walks Of Life

Ever emerging environmental, social and economic challenges necessitate a lifestyle that fosters sustainability.CC4ES categorizes the complexity of sustainability into Six Interconnected Modules. Each of the CC4ES Modules explores how our actions impact the environment. Long-term systemic sustainability is only possible in a society that champions racial justice and equity.The Environmental Justice & Diversity module is the key as success can only be achieved through individual perceptional change.

module 1

Environmental Justice & Diversity

We are all interconnected

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module 2

Environmental Literacy Fundamentals

Environmental health & our well-being

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module 3

Sustainable Food Systems

Sustainable lifestyle

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module 4

Regenerative Technologies

Mimic nature

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module 5

Sustainable Business Practices

Green on a large scale

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module 6

Resilient community building

Invest locally to build a resilient community

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Cultivation of a sustainable lifestyle entails continual learning and diligent practices. Such endeavor resonates with the CC4ES core tenets: comprehensive collaboration for systemic changes, community-based and empowered motivation, and establishing an environment for lifelong learning and practice. The CC4ES infrastructure comprises a WebCenter for outreach education and a repository for continual learning; a dynamic network mapping for collective shift with the converged comprehensive visions; and in-field cohorts for practical application.

Systemic Map of CC4ES