Coalition Center for

Linking Communities for Regenerative Sustainability

A Grassroots Organization That Cultivates
Sustainable Lifestyle In All Walks Of Life

Ever-emerging environmental, social and economic challenges necessitate a lifestyle that fosters sustainability. Cultivating sustainable lifestyles entails continual learning and diligent practices. Such endeavor resonates with the CC4ES core tenets: comprehensive collaboration for systemic change, community-based motivation and empowerment, and establishing an environment for lifelong learning and practice.

Food is a universal human right. As food is embedded in socio-cultural systems, food justice is environmental, social and economic justice. Growing one's own food provides the most impactful means of ensuring environmental, social and economic sustainability. CC4ES uses growing one's own food as a grassroots community mobilizer to platform the collective shifts necessary for cultivating community-narrated and community-empowered regenerative sustainability.

Rhody Grows Hope is the central CC4ES program that uses growing one's own food as a grassroots community mobilizer.

The CC4ES WebCenter is organized into a LEARN-CONNECT-PRACTICE infrastructure.

Rhody Grows Hope (RGH) is a container gardening program that repurposes food plastic recyclables - such as 32-oz yogurt containers and salad containers - as planters to grow food while reducing plastic waste. RGH also repurposes heat-treated pallets as raised garden beds.

RGH circumvents soil contamination and limited or no land access prevalent in frontline communities, for food security, sovereignty and justice.

Every $20 provides a RGH garden to help a family in need.

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CC4ES classifies the complexity of sustainability into six modules. Although all six modules are interconnected, the Environmental Justice & Diversity module underpins all others. Environmental justice is social justice. Sustainability is only possible in a society that champions justice and equity.

LEARN inventories and archives resources on sustainability by each CC4ES Six Module, serving as a repository for continual learning.

How to Navigate Six Modules
module 1

Environmental Justice & Diversity

We are all interconnected

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module 2

Environmental Literacy Fundamentals

Environmental health & our well-being

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module 3

Sustainable Food Systems

Sustainable lifestyle

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module 4

Regenerative Technologies

Mimic nature

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module 5

Sustainable Business Practices

Green on a large scale

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module 6

Resilient community building

Invest locally to build a resilient community

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CONNECT platforms Hope Gardeners network for engaging community members at grassroots level to participate in
CC4ES programs that cultivate community-led and empowered regenerative sustainability.

CONNECT is facilitated by CC4ES Direct and supported through CC4ES Conversation Circles.


PRACTICE features CC4ES programs, initiatives and on-ground cohorts in practice. Although each program has its own focus, Rhody Grows Hope encompasses these CC4ES programs with the common thread of growing one’s own food at the grassroots level, initiated, narrated and empowered by community members. The programs include:

Rhody Grows Hope
Museum of Silenced Histories & Gardens of Regeneration
Youths for Urban Sustainability