CC4ES Direct

Direct access to the resources referenced in the Six Modules for practical applications

Direct Grassroots Resource Connector
for Communities in Need

CC4ES Direct is designed to link communities in need with essential resources through:
(1) Outreach education on growing our own food to address food insecurity, on nutrition and wellness to cultivate healthy lifestyle; and citizen scientist programs to platform environmental stewardship for environmental health
(2) Pipelining job training and apprenticeship programs for workforce development in green sector
(3) Facilitating equal access to, dissemination and sharing of information/resource for environmental, social and economic justice and equity for the following outcomes:

1. Food Security and Improved Environmental Health for Community Well-being
hands holding plants

Sustainable actions at individual level that cascade to communities and beyond

Sustainability starts at the individual level. Food systems are the basis of securing environmental, social and economic sustainability. Growing our own food is the most direct means of addressing food insecurity and cultivating a healthy lifestyle. Sustainable food system promotes food-waste reduction, which also improves environmental health.

Citizen scientist programs empower community members to improve their environmental health necessary for the well-being of the whole community, nurturing environmental stewardship in the long run.

2. Community-based Green Jobs
vertical garden of edible plants

Boosting local economies and social capital

Living things in nature regenerate — regrow themselves. Regenerative approaches work by mimicking nature. Examples include incorporating sustainable designs for gardening/farming, design architecture and landscape, transportation, and more. All these define emerging green job descriptions.

Installing energy efficient lighting, storm water mitigation and implement water conservation techniques. Decreasing waste, composting, and recycling, repairing and sharing tools and equipment instead of purchasing new ones are sustainable practices that can evolve into entrepreneurship, creating businesses and jobs in local communities. And jobs keep them stay in communities.

3. Resilient Community as a place of idenity
hands touching in collaboration

Invest Locally to Build a Resilient Community

The grassroots approach of CC4ES Direct directly engages community members with various organizations and businesses, promoting the investment of social capital into the local community. This entails building relationships, supporting local initiatives and developing trust. The community reciprocates by supporting the businesses, a positive feedback loop that creates a resilient community.