CC4ES Team facilitates collaboration among and between organizations and communities for sustainability, starting from our own team

Mission of CC4ES: To link resources with communities in need for building community member-narrated and led regenerative environmental, social and economic sustainability that champions justice and equity.

Building a community that champions justice and equity in the intersection of environmental, social and economic sustainability requires collaboration necessary for collective shifts. Such shifts must start with awareness and continual practice at individual levels, cascading to collective levels. CC4ES links organizations in collaboration with communities for the shared projects. Yet, CC4ES does not consolidate nor represent them. Instead, CC4ES identifies each collaborating partner's needs and resources to underscore their missions, helping them realize their outcomes. This approach is practiced within the CC4ES Team. CC4ES Team is categorized as Board Members, Collaborators, Advisors and Participants based on the level of their involvement.

One small individual act starts a ripple that affects the whole community. Start Yours!

Susan Shim Gorelick

How CC4ES Team Works to Achieve the CC4ES Mission: CC4ES Team Members research, consult, advise, mentor, design programs and curricula, lead or collaborate for projects or initiatives in various capacities and institution types from businesses, academia, and community organizations. Our projects also vary in sizes from creating a pollinator garden to a state-wide program. We seek our own funding as well as help organizations we partner with find funds -- assist them with or partnering for research and writing grants and more. Systemic Map of CC4ES
Our Team
photo of Susan Gorelick

Susan Shim Gorelick, Ph.D.

Founder & Executive Director

photo of David Gorelick

David Gorelick, M.D., F.A.C.P.

CC4ES Director, President

photo of Diana Ferreira

Diana Ferreira

CC4ES Director, Secretary

photo of Marissa Cox

Marissa Cox

CC4ES Director, Treasurer

Grace Hamby picture

Grace Hamby

CC4ES Collaborator Y4US Program Coordinator

Katie Cardamone, M.A.T.

CC4ES Collaborator Nuestro Mundo PCS, Co-Founder and Program Director

photo of Tarshire Battle

Tarshire Battle, M.P.A. & M.A.

CC4ES Collaborator Roots 2 Empower, Founder & CEO

Jenna Legault

CC4ES Collaborator

photo of Melissa Guillet

Melissa Guillet

CC4ES Collaborator 15 Minute Field Trips, Creative Director

photo of Elizabeth Dean Hermann

Elizabeth Dean Hermann, Ph.D.

CC4ES Collaborator TAASI East, Founder/Exec. Director R.I. School of Design, Professor

photo of Doug Victor

Doug Victor

CC4ES Advisor

photo of Linda Perri

Linda Perri

CC4ES Advisor

photo of Kelly DeAngelis

Kelly DeAngelis, M.A.

CC4ES Advisor

photo of Kimberly Wood Bellemore

Kimberly Wood Bellemore, P.E.

CC4ES Advisor

photo of Stead Fast

Stead Fast

CC4ES Participant